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May is Mother's Day! Meet Mum of the Month Heather Burr Carey

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

It's one thing to get back to running after having one baby, but imagine what it's like after four! This month's Mum of the Month is no stranger to hard work and a busy schedule. She finds a way to get her fitness in between raising a family of four and a full time job. Tired yet? Me too.

Introducing Heather Burr Carey as our MAY Mum of the Month, just in time for Mother's Day! Heather makes motherhood her priority, but has some creative ways to get her runs and workouts in. She is setting a great example for her kids so they can all live their best life. There's no question it's not easy, but she certainly makes it look like a lot of fun!

I’m honored Emily asked me to write a bit about myself and running because I’m simply a mother trying to be happy & raise good children. Overall, I’ve been healthy and fairly active my entire life. I grew up playing rec sports intermittently, but am far from athletic. Over the years I would run a 5k here and there, with no set goal or reason.

I started running races with our oldest son in hopes of motivating him to run. It was fun, but he sped through the roads, leaving me far behind. I signed back up for Bikram yoga in hopes of staying healthy and fit, but the timing was always difficult.