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Emily Bliss



Emily founded Mums on the Run in 2018 in an effort to bridge the gap between basic physical therapy and high running performance. Emily is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, running coach, and mom of three. She blends sports medicine and pelvic health with a background in exercise science. 

After living and working Boston for over a decade, Emily currently lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband and three children. She has run ten marathons, including the Boston Marathon (BQ x3) & Ironman Lake Placid. Emily coached the Run To End Alzheimers Charity Team for the Boston Marathon from 2016-2018, which inspired her love of coaching. She currently coaches people of all abilities across the US, from early postpartum training, to ultramarathons.

As an expert in treating running injuries, Emily began to see a pattern. Many of her patients, who were also mothers, were reporting pelvic floor issues as well as their running injury. The injury itself was often traced back to things like poor coordination, hip and core muscle weakness, and other findings that tend to be part of the postpartum experience. Patients were running without the proper foundation and getting injured.

Women return to running postpartum every day without any guidance. Most women don't know how to do this safely on their own, what red flags to look for,  or how to manage the changes to their postpartum body. Things like diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, c-section scar pain, hip or back pain, and incontinence are all things that can be addressed through physical therapy or basic postpartum strength training.

Yet there's an overwhelming lack of awareness about these issues as well as feelings of embarrassment and fear. It's time for that to change.

Unlike many orthopedic injuries, postpartum recovery doesn't come with a protocol for return to sport. There is very little research, with a lot of limitations. Thankfully that is changing. We now have some good evidence suggesting the best way to return to run postpartum. It's imperative for women to understand their postpartum bodies. Mums on the Run was created to provide support, education, and empowerment as women navigate pregnancy, birth, motherhood, rebuilding their foundation, returning to run, and racing.

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