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Running Outdoors

Motherhood means
a new relationship with yourself,
with your body,
with your running.

Mums on the Run began as as a passion project in 2017. Founded by Emily Bliss, Doctor of Physical Therapy, running and postpartum specialist, and running coach, Mums on the Run was created to help women get back to running after having a baby, with an emphasis on the importance of pelvic health.

Too often women return to their lives after having a baby, only to suffer from pelvic health issues.
This can be anything from low back or pelvic pain, to incontinence (leaking), diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), pelvic organ prolapse, or fear of movement.

These issues are often ignored and normalized. Women frequently go untreated because they are embarrassed to talk about them, think they are "normal after having a baby," or don't have the time or resources to address their issues. 

The goal of Mums on the Run is to bring awareness to these challenges while creating a supportive coaching community where women can ask questions, seek help, and become educated about their bodies while safely getting back to running postpartum.
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