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Get back to running, the right way.

Make your return to running postpartum safe & attainable.

That is why I made it my business to not only understand running injuries and how to treat them, but also pelvic health issues, especially pregnancy and postpartum. In order to treat my patients to the best of my abilities, I also become a running coach.Now, I'm able to begin by treating a patient in the early stages of postpartum, through the several weeks and months it can take to get back to running, and into high level running goals. I'm able to address anything that comes up from a women's health or orthopedic standpoint. Interval making your prolapse worse? I got you. Worried about your abdominal separation? You're much safer than you think. Scared you'll do too much and hurt yourself? I'm here to provide support and empowerment.

Which program is right for you?

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